Construction planning

Construction planning is an essential process for the success of construction projects. Through proper planning, critical issues such as time, resources, budget, and potential risks can be identified and addressed.

Starting any project involves drawing up a detailed project plan that aims to define and organize the objectives, phases, activities and duration of each phase of the project. A good project plan clearly specifies what needs to be accomplished at each stage and sets the necessary deadlines for each of them. In addition to timing and phasing, the project plan should also include an accurate estimate of the resources needed to successfully complete the project.

Construction planning – A step towards success

Network analysis

Activity network analysis (ARA) is a planning method that uses a graph to represent activities as nodes and the connections between them as lines. This technique helps in identifying essential links between activities and also helps in determining potential risks and critical points in the project. Through ARA, work flows and the duration of each activity can be analyzed, making the project more controllable and manageable. Also, the ARA allows for the development of alternative plans in case any activity is delayed or changes occur in the original project plan.



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